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Description of the pose

The woman on top in this position is as relaxed as possible, moving to her own rhythm and enjoying the process. Her partner caresses her breasts and clitoris with his hands, providing additional pleasure.

  • 1 step: The man lies on his back, stretches out, then bends his legs slightly and places them on the surface.
  • 2 step: The woman sits cross-legged on it, with her body leaning backwards and resting on her palms.
  • 3 step: The girl stretches her legs forward and bends slightly too. One a little more, the other a little less.
Reviews of the pose «Ecstasy»
Lana Rhodes

It's not a very comfortable position, but it's worth trying at least once. My partner is completely relaxed, just watching to make me feel even better.

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Avalanche I
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